Larry Spurrell, the owner has been preparing personal

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Personal amount:
The basic personal amount has increased to $10,382.

Age amount:
Age amount for persons 65 years of age or older: The maximum amount has increased to $6,446.

Working income tax benefit (WITB):
Tax relief provided by increased funding to the WITB has been enriched for 2010.

About Larry's Tax Services

The owner/operator, Larry Spurrell, has been preparing Personal Income Tax returns for in excess of 20 years and has prepared thousands of returns for people from every part of our country and beyond.

Larry was a founding partner of L & G Business Advisors Services Inc. which also operated as Main St. Financial Services (Providing small business advisory and personal tax preparation services). We operated in Mount Pearl from 1995 until 2005 when Larry left the company. From 2007-2009 Larry was in Alberta and employed to set up and manage a Personal Income Tax preparation company.

With the assistance of my TEAM, our goal is to prepare your income tax return to legally minimize the amount of tax dollars you pay to CRA and maximize the amount of your hard earned dollars that you get to keep and spend as you see fit.

I will also review your past 3 year tax returns at no cost to you. Only if I  get you refundable amounts from those years will a charge occur even then you will be advised you of the charge before I file the request. This is a WIN – WIN situation.

Remember we are a TEAM and want all our members to get the maximum benefit that each may be entitled to. We will do that based on the information you provide to us and also from extra information we may seek from you after I  looks at your individual circumstance.

Our Services

  • Personal Income Tax Preparation
  • (E-File and Discounting)
  • Small Business Bookkeeping and Advice
  • Payroll Service
  • Incorporations